Information about Nelly & Nora

Target age

3-5 years

Episode duration

7 minutes          

Show summary

In a beautiful camping park, overlooking the glistening blue sea and nestled between the green fields of a lush farm, two young sisters spend their holidays and weekends with their mum and dad at the family’s mobile home.

Those two sisters are Nelly and Nora.

Nelly’s the older sister, she’s five. Nora is four.

Nelly and Nora love the freedom of the camping park, where they get to spend most of their time outdoors having exciting adventures and making a lifetime of memories! Spending so much time outdoors means the weather plays a major part in the girls’ daily fun – windy days can be chaotic, rainy days make raindrop music, while sunny days can be just too hot.

Through their positive perspectives, and their exciting adventures, Nelly and Nora discover that the weather outside is something to be embraced and enjoyed!

Main characters

Nelly – Nelly is a sweet and well-meaning girl. She’s charming, gentle and considerate of those around her. She’s very loyal, always looking out for and protecting her younger sister, Nora, who she hates to see unhappy. Nelly is also smart and intelligent. Whenever there’s a problem, Nelly’s the kind of girl to take charge and try to fix it. Nelly loves being outdoors, giggling and having fun with Nora.

Nora – Nora is a bundle of fun. She’s very cute and lovable. She likes giggling and laughing and makes all situations more enjoyable. She’s strong-willed, loves being silly, but is also very loving too. She's a confident and dynamic young girl, but most of Nora’s confidence comes from having her big sister around. Nelly gives Nora the confidence to be who she truly is. Nora, in return, encourages Nelly to get carried away in the adventures and the fun too.

Dad – Dad loves spending time in the camping park. He’s a bit of a silly-billy who’s always up for a laugh and he enjoys getting caught up in the all-weather fun, as he chaperones the girls around on their adventures.

Mum – Mum is loving and encouraging to her girls, and she instils a sense of adventure in them. She’s a down-to-earth woman, who enjoys going outside and having fun and who loves to get the better of Dad at any game they’re playing! She is also very loving and gentle, always looking out for her girls.

Educational benefits

Nelly & Nora helps children to:

  • Understand the weather and embrace it as something to be enjoyed.
  • Get outside to discover the world around them and have fun in it.
  • Understand friendships and relationships.
  • Think creatively and imaginatively when problem-solving.
  • Follow the narrative of a story and understand how it reaches a rewarding resolution at the end.
  • Explore and discover new ways of looking at a familiar environment and different types of weather.