Information about Dinopaws

Target Age

3-6 year olds

Episode Duration

10 minutes

Show Summary

Dinopaws follows three very inquisitive dinosaurs on a mighty mission to go everywhere that can be gone, see everything that can be seen, feel everything that can be felt, and do everything that can be done!

Combining colourful animation with stimulating storytelling and charming characters, Dinopaws is a magical programme for pre-schoolers who, like the Dinopaws, are exploring the world they live in for the first time and discovering exciting new experiences, objects, places and feelings every day.

Main Characters

Join bold, brave and resourceful Gwen, Bob and Tony on their epic journey of discovery as they begin to understand the special planet they live on.

Gwen – Gwen likes to think she’s in charge. She’s silly and twitchy and always putting her hand up to say ‘I know! I know! I know!’ when someone asks a question – and often when nobody asks a question!

Bob – Bob thinks big thoughts and makes up new words. He’s solid and sure and ever dependable; the very best kind of best friend. Oh, and he’s sometimes silly too!

Tony – Tony is the youngest and loves to go NYEEEEEEEEEEEEE! He can’t stay still or be quiet or do the same thing for more than a couple of minutes...oh, where’s he gone? He’s silly and unpredictable and doesn’t really do words, but he’s great at noises!

Educational Benefits

Dinopaws helps children to:

  • Learn about emotions and behaviour
  • Talk about their friendships and relationships
  • Follow the narrative of a story and understand the resolution at the end.