Information about Charlie and Lola

Target Age

3-6 year olds

Episode Duration

12 minutes

Show Summary

Charlie is seven. He has a little sister Lola, who is small and very funny. She is nearly five, loves pink milk and knows exactly what she does and doesn’t want to do. It’s often down to Charlie to persuade her otherwise and to teach her the way of the world. Each 12-minute episode takes one of Lauren Child’s award-winning children’s books and brings it alive using a mix of animation, cut-out shapes, photo montage and archive footage. It plays heavily on the joy of a child’s imagination, so eating mashed potato becomes a trip to the top of Mount Fuji to eat a spoonful of cloud fluff, while tomatoes become moon-squirters from outer space! No adults appear in the programmes and all the dialogue is voiced by children, enabling young viewers to identify with the main characters and lose themselves in Charlie and Lola’s fantastic adventures.

Main Characters

Charlie – Lola’s big brother. He’s seven, sensible and often helps Lola find her way in the world. His best friend is Marv, and the two of them spend a lot of time inventing brilliant adventures, chasing monsters and dressing up as pirates.

Lola – Charlie’s independent four-year-old little sister, who knows her own mind but still has a lot to learn. She loves pink milk and playing with Charlie and best friend Lotta.

Educational Benefits

Charlie and Lola helps children to:

  • Use their imagination and come up with fantastic adventures.
  • Cope with common problems such as losing things.
  • Talk about their friendships and relationships with their siblings.
  • Follow the narrative of a story and understand the resolution at the end.