Information about Bing

Target Age

2-4 year olds

Episode Duration

8 minutes

Show Summary

When you’re three, life is certainly dramatic. Young children feel intense joy, disappointment, rage and delight when they are doing even the smallest things. The Bing television series authentically mirrors a young child’s experience and celebrates the noisy, joyful, messy reality of pre-school life.

For grown-ups, sharing your life with a Bingster is no less dramatic. Relating to a very young child as he or she quickly grows, learns and develops can be as stressful as it is joyful as you deal with the complex range of new, often challenging, behaviours that occur at this age – all with the added pressure of wanting to make everything ‘perfect’ and to do everything ‘right’.

Flop is the grown-up in Bing’s life. Whenever Bing needs him, Flop is there to help guide Bing through the everyday ups and downs of being a pre-schooler. Bing TV celebrates the realities of loving a pre-school child. It acknowledges that sometimes things don’t go according to plan, using the power of story to explore strategies for both children and grown ups when confronting similar situations in their own lives.

Ted Dewan’s hugely popular Bing books introduced us to Bing and Flop, the first two inhabitants of Bing World, with deceptively simple stories celebrating the ups and downs of their everyday lives and these have now been made into an animated TV show. They bring to life – in what Team Bing have christened its ‘micro-dramas’ – the full range of pre-school behaviour in a way that is supportive, positive and non-judgmental for Bingsters and for the grown ups in their lives.

Main Characters

Bing – an energetic three-year old black rabbit who, in each episode, learns of a new way of approaching problems in life. His favourite toy is Hoppity Voosh, a rabbit superhero.

Flop – Bing's carer guiding Bing through his toddler life, entertaining him and soothing him when he faces a problem.

Sula – a brown elephant and one of Bing's best friends.

Amma – Sula's carer and runs the crèche and park café which the characters visit.

Pando – Bing’s best friend and lives next door.

Padget – Pando’s carer who runs the corner shop near to where Bing lives. Padget can sometimes be spotted out jogging or else driving her yellow tuk-tuk.

Coco – one of Bing's cousins (the other being her little brother, Charlie).

Charlie – Coco's baby brother, who cannot talk and is often reminded not to eat everything.

Educational Benefits

Bing helps children to:

  • Learn about friendship.
  • Understand how to overcome problems.
  • Discover how the world works.