Information about Big Cook Little Cook

Target Age

3-6 year olds

Episode Duration

20 minutes

Show Summary

A cookery programme for pre-schoolers, Big Cook Little Cook takes young children on a culinary adventure. Big Cook Ben and Little Cook Small run a café together and love cooking up exciting dishes for the people who come to visit them. Small is a superimposed tiny chef who helps Ben around the kitchen. The recipe is suited to the visitor (be it a racing car driver or a pink monster) and the guest always leaves the cooks something in return.

Each programme also features two songs, a story about Little Cook and a film looking at the origins of one of the ingredients used in the recipe, usually shot on location. The programmes are fast-paced and funny, encouraging children to try things they wouldn’t normally eat and to think more about where their food comes from.

Main Characters

Big Cook Ben – The larger of the two cooks, he is very organised and always on top of everything.

Little Cook Small – The tiny, erratic cook who often runs into trouble being so small in a big world.

Educational Benefits

Big Cook Little Cook helps children to:

  • Get interested in food and learn more about where ingredients come from.
  • Understand the importance of food hygiene and safety – such as washing hands and keeping different foods separate.
  • Learn about healthy eating and nutrition.
  • Learn about food preparation techniques (chopping, peeling, boiling).
  • Develop hand-eye co-ordination by following recipes at home.