Information about Andy's Wild Adventures

Target Age

2-5 year olds

Episode Duration

15 minutes

Show Summary

Each 15-minute episode of this show takes young viewers on an incredible journey to exotic places to get up close to wild animals in their natural environments. Using a combination of footage from the BBC Natural History Unit and clever CGI, Andy takes a break from his day job as a park keeper to join his sidekick Kip on a wild adventure.

When Andy goes to his workshop for a tea break, Kip fires up the KipMobile to take them both wherever they want to go, however inaccessible it may seem, getting right next to the wild animals. Andy is also able to shrink to any size, allowing him to get where no park keeper has gone before. He could be catching salmon with bears or sliding down slopes with penguins and is always having lots of fun!

Main Characters

Andy – A park keeper at Pickles’ Animal Park who loves his job but is always up for a new adventure – as long as it involves meeting some more wild and wonderful animals.

Kip – Andy’s sidekick, a cat who takes Andy to exotic and faraway places in her KipMobile, and makes sure he gets home safe and sound.

Educational Benefits

Andy’s Wild Adventures helps children to:

  • Learn about different animals from around the world, and how their behaviour and characteristics are linked to their environments.
  • Understand the concept of different countries, continents and places.
  • Foster a sense of curiosity and adventure.
  • Develop an understanding of fantasy versus reality.