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Thank you for visiting our website. Below is a list of questions frequently asked by our viewers. If you can't find what you're looking for, please send us a message via the Contact page.

I am outside of the UK, why can I no longer access
The BBC does not currently make the CBBC and CBeebies websites available outside of the UK; these websites are for licence fee payers living in the UK only. The BBC have recently geo-blocked the websites to comply with legal obligations to brand licensing partners and are aware that the recent change has affected some people living outside of the UK. If you are in a region where BBC Studios operates a CBeebies channel, you may prefer to use this website ( for further information about the services available in Africa.
Can you explain your repeat pattern and why we sometimes see the same programme twice in one day?
As is the case with most cable and satellite channels, repeats are a feature of our schedules. Research constantly tells us that viewers will 'channel hop' between channels, rather than watch any one channel for a period of time. We are also aware that our channel is often one of many which is available to our audience. Our programmes are repeated on different days, and at varying times of the day, to make them accessible to as many viewers as possible. That said, we constantly invest in new programmes for CBeebies and we show around 2,500 new hours of programming every year. As CBeebies grows, we are doing all that we can to improve the range of programmes, to introduce a higher number of new shows to the channel, and to reduce the level of repeats – and we're committed to continue doing so.
Why have you stopped showing my favourite programme?
Our schedules are constantly evolving as a result of audience feedback and viewer preferences, and sometimes popular programmes take a break between series. We are always delighted to hear programme requests from viewers, and we welcome comments on our schedules. Although your favourite programmes might not be showing at the moment, they may return in future.
Can my child participate in one of your programmes?
Unfortunately this is not possible. The children who take part in CBeebies programmes are usually from the nurseries involved in the original filming or recording, or who have a specific link to the subject matter. As the majority of programmes on CBeebies are acquired and not produced directly by us, we are unfortunately unable to help you with queries of this nature. For details about audience tickets for shows filmed in the UK, you may find it useful to visit the BBC’s Shows, Tours & Events site -
I have a question for Nina & The Neurons – how can I submit this?
As we don’t produce Nina & The Neurons, we can’t accept questions for the show and, due to the reasons above, we are unable to accept requests to appear on the show. However, we are always grateful for comments about the show, and we will post them on the site, as other viewers are often interested by the thought-provoking questions which our viewers want to share with Nina and the gang.
Is CBeebies available online through this website or elsewhere?
Unfortunately our international channels are not currently available online, but there are many clips available to view on this website, as well as games and other exciting features. We continue to investigate the possibility of making our channels available online and suggest that you continue to check the website from time to time for more information. In addition, If you would like to know if the global BBC iPlayer is available where you are, please visit
I am experiencing problems watching CBeebies and I’d like to report a technical fault – what can I do?
If you are experiencing technical problems with any of our channel, please contact your operator first. If they are unable to help, please get in touch with us. In order to investigate the problem for you fully, we will need the details of the dates and times at which the problem occurred, the name of the programme if possible, and the country in which you are watching. If you can also tell us through which operator you receive CBeebies, this would be really helpful.
I am having problems viewing programmes in the new widescreen aspect ratio – do you have any technical advice?
As some of the CBeebies content was filmed in 4:3, these shows will remain in that format now that we have converted to widescreen, and may appear with black bars at the sides of the picture. This is so the content is not stretched or squashed. If your satellite or cable receiver is connected to a widescreen television, we would recommend setting the output to widescreen/16:9 so that the picture is the correct shape without the appearance of being stretched horizontally or squashed vertically. If your satellite or cable receiver is connected to a 4:3 television, we would recommend setting the output to either ‘4:3 Centre Cut Out’ or ‘letterbox’ mode, which will ensure the picture is the correct shape with either the middle of the widescreen picture shown filling the non-widescreen television, or as a letterbox (black bars at top and bottom), allowing you to see all of the widescreen picture. In addition, some television sets also have options to zoom or auto-stretch pictures. We recommend selection widescreen/16:9 for widescreen television sets to preserve the correct picture shape. You may choose to stretch or zoom that picture to fill the whole screen, according to your personal preference.
Can I buy a DVD or related merchandise for a programme that I’ve seen on CBeebies?
Whilst not all of the programmes which you see on CBeebies are commercially available, you might like to check availability with local or online DVD retailers who may offer BBC products. In addition, for many shows, the programme-makers release related merchandise or toys which you may find of interest. If you would like to obtain a programme for educational purposes, you can visit the BBC Active website via
I would like to work for CBeebies. How do I find out about employment opportunities?
You can find details and advice about the latest vacancies at the BBC and BBC Studios Limited via BBC Careers
I am in the UK – can you help with my enquiry?
This website is designed as a companion site for viewers of CBeebies internationally. If you are watching CBeebies in the United Kingdom, unfortunately we can’t assist with your enquiry, but you may prefer to visit the dedicated CBeebies website via